Nokhur, Turkmenistan

Nokhur is a mountainous region magnificent in every way. Don’t hesitate and drive 4 hours to the eastern part of Kopet Dag Mountain Range. This ride will take you to a region with unique culture, traditions, and breathtaking landscapes. Nokhur isn’t one village, but, in fact, I consist of a number of small settlements. Nokhur is full of original culture and, of course, legends. Locals believe that the name of the city comprised of two words: Noah – name of famous prophet, an “ur” that translates as “to swim”. The name, presumably, proves that Noah landed there after a great flood, thus, they’re his descendants. Another version is that Alexander the Great left hi wounded soldiers there and ordered them to settle in Nokhur. The third and final legend says that the first inhabitants of the region were 9 people who were sent out of Albania for their crimes on 9 donkeys; “no” is translated as “nine” from Persian, while “khur” is translated as “donkey”. 

If you’re not keen on local legends, don’t worry, you can admire Trukmenistan nature. Nokhur is considered one of the most romantic places in Turkmenistan. This colorful mountainous region is located at an elevation of 100 meters above sea level; it’s extremely remoted and hard to get to. However, wonderful landscapes of Turkmenistan nature of Nokhur with its vineyards, gardens with almond and pomegranate trees, and serpentines will leave you speechless. By the way, locals justify rich flora and fauna of their region by Noah who planted all seeds and let all animals go in mountains around Nokhur. 

You can visit 53-meter waterfall Khur-Khuri, or make a wish in a narrow crack in a rock called “Gyz bibi”. Also, you can catch a glimpse of lifestyle of locals; they’ve been loyal to traditions for centuries and haven’t changed anything. Turkmenistan nature at its best combined with unique culture mixed in one perfect destination – Nokhur! 

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