Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan

Nakhichevan is the capital of Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic that’s located next to Iran boarder. This land is separated from Azerbaijan with Armenian territories, thus, the only way to get there is by air. The legend says that Nakhichevan was founded by Noah; the name of the city is translated as “first resting place”. Today it’s one of the most ancient Azerbaijani cities, where culture of the nation was formed, moreover, it’s an ancient cultural center. 

The ancient city is, approximately, 5000 years old.  Nakhichevan was a part of Caucasus Albania and the Russian Empire, it was ruled by the Seljuks and the Eldiguzids. Famous Tamerlan with his army had been trying to take over the city for 14 years! In 1918, the Turks invaded the city and proclaimed it to be a part of Republic of Aras, but, in a few months, the English were in charge of the city, and then the Red Army. As you can see, the ancient city has seen it all. Although, continuous change of power was devastating for the city, many historical monuments were preserved till these days. 

There’s Alindzha-Kala Fortress in the southeastern part of the city. The fortress was built in 11th century and was considered one of the most powerful constructions of that time. The building with its defensive, engineering, and residential buildings is quite impressive. One of the largest caravanserais in Azerbaijan is located near Nakhichevan, outside of Dzhulfa. 37-meter building with rooms and deep niches was dug out. One of the most beautiful monuments of the ancient city is Mausoleum of Yusuf ibn Kuseyir that was built in 12th century. Some cave paintings were found on the slopes of Mount Gapydzhik. 

The list of fortresses and mausoleums in the surroundings of Nakhichevan goes on and on; it’s quite long. If you’re the type of person who admires architecture and ancient monuments, then this city must be on your list! 

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