Nabran, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan nature is diverse and colorful; every region and city has unique features; locals have their own traditions, legends, and omens. However, there’s one thing that unites all residents of Azerbaijan – Nabran. What is Nabran? It’s a popular resort located on the Caspian shore, near Russia-Azerbaijan border. The thing is it’s not among the most popular resorts in the country, it’s the most popular resort in the country. Chances that you’ll find a resident of Azerbaijan whose childhood summer memories aren’t connected to Nabran are very low. 

Considering how many resort destinations are there in Azerbaijan, Nabran must be outstanding to be the best and it’s. Nabran consist of the most astonishingly beautiful corners of Azerbaijan nature. Ancient forests grow right next to seashore. Beaches and villages are separated by swamps that were formed by springs. Those swamps are inhabited by turtles and fish. You won’t need beach umbrella! Forests create a shadow on the beach. 

Nabran village was founded in the beginning of 20th century by Russian immigrants. The name of the village is connected to fishing, more particularly to sturgeon fishing, and Russian word “nabirat” – to recruit. During times of the Russian Empire Nabran caught sturgeon, for Peter the Great, for living. Fishermen were recruited and settled in the settlement of the same name. Today fishing is forgotten and locals concentrate on tourism. Thousands of tourist come here every year. 

Not far from Nabran there’s Khudat. It’s a fortress-town that was built in 18th century. It was the capital of the Quba Khanate. Famous Shollar village is located 2 km away from Nabran; it’s famous for its spring waters. If you want to explore Azerbaijan nature at is best, enjoy cuisine, and sunbath at the same time Nabran is the way to go!

Tours, where you will visit Nabran, Azerbaijan: