Aigul Tash Mountain is located in a national reserve near the village of Kara Kulak. What makes this mountain so unique is the rare, exotic flower that blooms there just 2 weeks out of every year: the aigul, otherwise known as the moonflower.

Mount Aigul Tash

This bright orange flower is currently listed in the Red Book and only blooms at the beginning of April. 

According to legend, a rich man had a daughter named Aigul who fell helplessly in love with a young warrior.  However, before they could wed, the young man died.  Unable to bear the grief of his death, Aigul went to the top of the mountain and threw herself off the edge.  It’s said that the places where her blood fell on the mountainside is where these rare flowers began to appear.

As a result, the rare blossoms that grow on this mountain live a short, but radiant life.  Their presence adds a unique beauty to the springtime scenery in the region of Kyrgyzstan silk road.

Tours, where you will visit Mount Aigul Tash: