Mingachevir, Azerbaijan

Mingachevir is also called City of Lights. Sounds so romantic, doesn’t it? Well, in reality the reason behind this name isn’t as romantic as you might have thought. It’s called City of Lights because of hydroelectric power station on the Kur River. The 4th largest Azerbaijani city is very old ad very young at the same time. Officially it was founded in 1948 during the construction of hydroelectric power station. German prisons of war were involved in the construction of the city; they gave Mingachevir that unique and beautiful look. Modern city is the large center of industry and energy. Quite a few factories and the largest power station if Caucasus are located in Mingachevir. 

Despite its young age, this area has been settled for many centuries and has rich history behind its back. The history is shown through architectural monuments and invaluable exhibits. Archaeological excavations in 1930-s revealed evidences of first settlements that date back 3rd century BC.  During excavations many exhibits were found: coins, jewelry, ruins of settlements, graveyards, and Christian temples. The findings proved that the city located on the intersection of trade roads and was an important trade center. This archeological complex is open for visitors. For all hiking lovers out there there’s Mount Bozdag for climbing. You don’t have to be a professional alpinist to climb the top and enjoy breathtaking overview of the city. Mingachevir is located far away from the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, but don’t think that you’re missing out on something because of that. There’s Mingachevir reservoir that locals call the Mingachevir Sea! You can sunbath, go fishing, and swim! There’s beautiful Kur River Promenade for long walks in the evening. 

This beautiful, covered in greenery, young city is waiting for you to explore it and fall in love with it! 

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