Minaret in Vabkent city

At the end of the 12th century near Dzhuma- mosque of Vabkent city was built minaret. The simplicity of the architectural plan suggests that it was built by one of the students of Bako (architect of Kalyan Minaret). It is a harmonious brick tower with a height of 39 m, diameter of 6.2 m at the base and 2.8 m on the top. Vabkent minaret is crowned with beautiful arched lanterns covered with stalactites. Its trunk is decorated with double brick and has 8 narrow lines ornament and epigraphic Islamic texts. Apical part of the minaret is surrounded by a wonderful "belt" of blue and green majolica. The scale and harmony of this famous place of worship for centuries led the significance and role of minarets in the architecture of Central Asia as the most important symbols of Islam culture.


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