Mausoleum of Sheikh Mukhtar Vali

Sheikh Mukhtar-Vali mausoleum (end XIII- early XIV c.) is a large complex that includes a mausoleum, a large mosque, a small mosque and a group of adjacent ancillary and funeral premises. The overall composition has an axial structure in all 4 dimensions of construction. The appearance of the complex forms a system of large and small domes, rising to the main dome of the Grand Mosque. On the territory of complex there is also a well, that was dug by Mukhtar vali according to legend and the holy water in it flows like a spring. That is why the well never dries. The well was mostly visited by women who could not have children. Pilgrims first drank water from the well and then went to the Sheikh mosque.

Sheikh Mukhtar Wali died in 1287 at age of 85. At the end of XIII century on the site of Sheikh’s tomb was built a cathedral with dome. After Mongol invasion in XIV century, the cathedral was renovated and expanded with small rooms. During the reign of Khiva khan Muhammad Rahimkhan I (in 1828) the cathedral was reconstructed again. By that time were built the eastern gates and a large corridor in the northern part.


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