Mausoleum Ak Astana Baba

Mausoleum Ak-Astana-baba is located near the village of Telpek-Chinar in northeastern Surkhandarya region of Uzbekistan, and considered as a burial site of St. Abuhureyra, Companion of Prophet Muhammad. It is traditionally dated to X-XI centuries. Above the top right corner of the entrance there is a pair of complex characters that are based on the seven-pointed star and conditionally divided on the right - "male" sign and left - "female".

Left sign expresses a general model of existence and development of life (souls) in the universe. It is a sign of the microcosm (Soul, Man). Perhaps a sign of the left - the "female", is a life creative sign. As the "shoots" of new life here are beyond the symbol of fire, the left sign can be a symbol of the Renaissance.


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