Lankaran, Azerbaijan

Lankaran is an astonishingly beautiful city port on the shore of the Caspian Sea. One of the most wonderful corners of Azerbaijan is known for unique architecture, historical monuments, and healing hot springs. 

One of the oldest Azerbaijani cities was inhabited in the Bronze Age 4000-5000 years ago; the date of foundation of the city is unknown. The settlement located on the intersection of roads from Europe to Asia and on the shore of the Caspian Sea that helped with development of trade and crafts. Before becoming the center of the Talysh Khanate I 18th century, the city port was a part of Caucasian Albania.  Lankaran was destroyed by the Persians during the Russo-Persian War and taken over by the Russians in 1813. 

Modern Lankaran can be divided in 3 parts; coastal part is the shore of the Caspian Sea with healing black sands; there’s a historical part that consists of monuments, spa-complexes, and resorts with healing hot springs; there’s Sarah peninsula with crystal-clear water. As you can see there’re countless options for your leisure in Lankaran. For admirers of architecture there’s Lankaran fortress – major sightseeing destination of the city port. It was built in 18th century and preserved its original look. Outside of the city port there’s a cult religious complex Khanega. It consists of several religious buildings and caravanserai, each of them is richly decorated with ceramics and carvings. The beauty of the building is so astonishing that even cruel Mongols were impressed and didn’t destroy Khanega. Moreover, they returned all treasure that were stolen from there. 

Among other interesting things to do during your visit to Lankaran there’s trying local tea; Lankaran is known for tea plantations. You can, also, take a picture with a giant samovar on the square, or take part in one of celebrations of the city. 

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