Lake Kel Tor (2,700 m), considered one of the Tien Shan’s most spectacular alpine lakes, is located in a valley that neighbors the Kegety Gorge. This brilliant turquoise lake is encircled by commanding mountain peaks, including one particularly high peak called Sugarloaf (4,200 m).

Lake Kel Tor

Beautiful spruce forests dominate the west side of the lake. The surrounding slopes are covered in a carpet of grass in the warmer months and in the spring, decorated with vast amounts of wildflowers.

Lake Kel Tor isn’t a high traffic destination as it’s a bit more off the beaten path.  Hiking tours are recommended to Lake Kel Tor.  The area around the lake is also good for camping. For the brave, swimming in the lake is also an option! 

Tours, where you will visit Lake Kel Tor: