Lake Kel Kogur (2,000 m) is a secluded alpine lake hidden deep in the Kungei Ala Too Mountains in the Chui Province of Kyrgyzstan. It’s considered one of the most stunning lakes in the northern Tien Shan Mountains.

Lake Kel Kogur

One of the draws of Lake Kel Kogur is the untouched, pristine environment it inhabits. Forests of fir trees neighbor the lake to the west and grassy fields to the east.  The northern edge of Lake Kel Kogur contains a natural dam caused by a landslide many years ago.  A river flows out of the lake, becoming of the Chong Kemin’s tributaries.

Lake Kel Kogur can only by accessed on foot or via horseback due to its isolated position in the mountains.  Wildlife in the area includes the Turkestan lynx, golden eagles, and red deer (maral).

Tours, where you will visit Lake Kel Kogur: