Lake Jashyl Kel (3,200 m), which means "green lake,” is located in the Chong Kemin Valley. Famous for its emerald color when seen at a distance, the water in this lake is extremely clear when viewed up close.

Lake Jashyl Kel

Lake Jashyl Kel is surrounded by high mountain peaks and coniferous forests. The Chong Kemin Valley offers both beautiful pastoral and wild scenery as well as some fascinating historical destinations.  In the valley, travelers can visit ancient burial mounds as well as a 6th-11th century settlement.

Hiking tours through the valley to Lake Jashyl Kel are extremely popular.  Horseback riding tours are also a great way to see the lake and surrounding valley.  

Tours, where you will visit Lake Jashyl Kel:
8 days

Heli-skiing / Snowboarding Vacations in Karakol 8 days

Heliskiing around Karakol is popular because Karakol sits adjacent to the world’s second largest alpine lake, Lake Issyk Kul. The lake itself is 6,236 km² and rests at an elevation of 1600 m ...

The price depends on a group size. The price 4750 USD per person is available for groups of 13 people.
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