Lake Chatyr Kul (3,530m) is called the “celestial lake” due to its reputation as the highest alpine lake in Kyrgyzstan. It lies in the Ak Sai Valley between the At Bashi and Torugart Too Mountains and also happens to be Kyrgyzstan’s third largest lake (175 sq km).

Lake Chatyr Kul

Due to its height, position in the midst of glaciers, and 20 meter deep waters, Lake Chatyr Kul is frozen over for a majority of the year. There are no fish in the lake, but it does house some freshwater shrimp.

The land immediately surrounding the lake is a bit swampy. Near the western edge of the lake there is an old mausoleum. Also, there are some hot springs nearby.

Lake Chatyr Kul resides in the Karatal-Zhapyryk National Wildlife Refuge.  Its shores are the natural habitat of various species of wildlife: mountain geese and goats, marmots, and the endangered snow leopard to name a few. 

Tours, where you will visit Lake Chatyr Kul: