The alpine lake of Besh Tash, whose waters reach down to a depth of 28 meters, resides in the Besh Tash Valley (2,997 m) in the province of Talas. The lake’s turquoise waters are home to a variety of fish including osman, marinka, and trout.

Lake Besh Tash

Hiking to Lake Besh Tash provides some stunning views of the surrounding Besh Tash Valley.  The valley covers an area of roughly 32,000 hectares.  Within the valley, you’ll also be about to see Besh Tash National Park, which covers an area of roughly 15,000 hectares.

“Besh Tash” means 5 stones in Kyrgyz.  The name comes from 5 large stones located within the valley.  Legend has it that there were once 5 bandits that would rob travelers in the area surrounding the valley and lake.  However, one day they made the mistake of trying to rob a holy woman who replied by cursing them and turning them into stone.  

Tours, where you will visit Lake Besh Tash: