Kurgan Tube, Tajikistan

When other ancient cities boasted of trade routes and crafts, Kurgan Tube was known for breeding special sheep and best archeries. The city is located in the middle of oasis, in southern part of the country, 100 km away from Dushanbe. The legend says that local ruler ordered every passing by traveler to bring a tubeteika full of ground. That’s how man-made kurgan appeared. 

Historical notes about this city differ; some notes prove that it was founded in 4th century AD as a part of the Kushan Empire, others prove that it was established much earlier. What is known is that it has always been a treasury of Tajik culture. In 7th century, when the Arabs took over the city, it was a large and developed city. In 10th-13th centuries, hill-fort Lagman was a part of the same oasis, but both were destroyed by the Mongols. 

The ruins of Lagman are a major sightseeing place of Kurgan Tube. Pipes of an ancient water system, fortress walls with towers, and bricked wells were found.  One of the biggest settlements of ancient Bactria occupied area of 43 hectares and was constructed in 10th-13th centuries. Another major historical monument that was included in UNESCO World Heritage List is Palace of the governor of Khulbuk. This beautiful palace was built on the ruins of another palace. Excavations revealed 28 giant chess pieces made out of ivory. The only preserved wooden mausoleum in Central Asia - Hodzha Mashad Mausoleum, is located in the surroundings of Kurgan Tube. Many pilgrims come here from different parts of Central Asia. It’s a unique heritage of Tajik culture.  Buddhist cloister of Ajina-Tepa is located 12 km away from the city. The largest statue of Buddha in Central Asia was found there. Temple of Oks or Takht-i-Sangin is a unique exhibit of British Museum. It’s a treasury of 2,00 golden and silver coins that date back 4th-3rd centuries BC. This treasury was found in the Temple of Oks that was preserved in good condition. All sightseeing destinations of Kurgan Tube are integral parts of Tajik culture. 

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