Kokand - the ancient and beautiful city. The main part of the architectural heritage belongs to the period of Kokand Khanate (18-19 centuries). One of the most impressive sights can be considered Khudoyar Khan Palace, famous for his ferocity and tenacity of the ruler. This complex was built in 1871 and is a breathtaking lush oriental palace, as if from fairy tales "Thousand and One Nights." Today it is a museum of local history.

Another significant historical site Damai Shakhon, Khan's tomb was built in 1825, during the reign of Umarkhan, and since then there were a few tombs and sarcophagi, where lie the rulers of Kokand. Other construction of a similar kind - beautiful mausoleum Madari Khan with central turquoise dome, also built in 1825, in contrast to the generic Damai Shakhon, this tomb was intended solely for Umarkhan’s mother.

Heritage of Kokand as a Muslim center is represented by a variety of extant religious buildings. Beautiful and elegant Jami Mosque stands on the square Dzhorsu. Destroyed by Mongols, it was rebuilt in the early 19th century by Umarkhan.

There are several old madrassas in Kokand. Madrasah Norbuta-Biya, built in the 18th century, is near the mosque Jami. Emir Madrassah (18 century) can boast an elegant mosque, which visitors can explore from inside.

In Kokand tourists can visit an Orthodox church of Kazan Godmother built in 1908, with the bells in belfry cast of old cannons.


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