Kokand, Uzbekistan

Kokand had the biggest significance on the Great Silk Road. The capital of Kokand Khanate is located in the south of the Fergana valley. One of the most ancient cities and the most important trade center in Uzbekistan was founded on 10th century. Kokand city had gone through several invasions. Among conquerors were: The Han Dynasty, the Arabs, and the Mongols, who destroyed the city completely.

Two main ancient crossroads of the Fergana Valley met in Kokand and gave the city huge economic and political significance. Kokand was known for endless caravans that arrived from Russia, China, and India. Traders from all over the world would meet at big bazaars and sell spices, textile, tea, and silk. Alongside with traders, scholars, poets, and travelers flock to Kokand. Thriving mix of people and cultures created unique spirit of Kokand.

The real flourishing of the City of Winds started in 18th century, when it became a capital of Kokand Khanate. New Kokand was built from the fortress of Eski-Kurgan in 1732. Kokand was a religious, political, and cultural center of Kokand Khanate, with more than 300 mosques and 35 madrassas. Kokand Khanate was ruled by 29 rulers, but Khudayar Khan is the most famous out of all. The last khan of Kokand came to rule at the age of 12 years old. During the next 30 years of his rule he lost his throne 4 times, and managed to get it back. He paved his way back to power with cruelty and ruthlessness.

However, in 1876 Kokand Khanate ended its existence, because Khudayar Khan accepted the sovereignty of the Russian Empire over the Khanate. After Kokand joined the Russian Empire, the city started progressing rapidly. Today, Kokand is a beautiful, modern city with fascinating architectural remains of Kokand Khanate. The most beautiful tourist attraction place is Khudayar Khan’s palace with surrounding parks, mosques, madrassas, and harem. 

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