Kok Gumbaz Mosque

In 1435, in architectural complex Dorut Tilovat in front of Shamseddin Kulal mausoleum was built the biggest in Shakhrisabz Friday Mosque Kok Gumbaz. The inscription on its facade says that it was built by Ulugbek on behalf of his father Shahrukh.

Kok Gumbaz Mosque was built on the foundation of pre-Mongol construction, the architects have followed in its construction layout of the ancient building. The mosque is crowned by a magnificent huge dome covered with blue ceramic tiles, which gave the name of the mosque - Kok Gumbaz ("Blue Dome" from Uzbek). Around the cylindrical drum of the dome is written a Kufic inscription, containing verses from Koran. The interior space of Kok Gumbaz is almost square and has four deep niches, oriented to the parts of the world. Kok Gumbaz was for centuries the main cathedral mosque of Shahrisabz. To the east of the mosque during the reign of Ulugbek was formed a cemetery, where are still preserved burials of the nobility and clergy of Barlas clan to which belonged Temurids.


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