Kobuleti, Georgia

Black Sea resort with unique traditions, historical monuments, hospitality, refreshing sea breeze, and scorching sun is Kobuleti. This young town is located 25 km away from another popular resort-city Batumi. When Georgia became a part of the Russian Empire many generals built their summer residences in Kobuleti; the place was called “General’s”. In 1904, doctors of Batum created first climatic resort there. Since the beginning of 20th century fame of Kobuleti started growing; eventually, it turned into one of the most popular Black Sea resorts in Soviet Union.

The longest street in Georgia is named after David the Builder and located in Kobuleti. The life of the town is built around tourism and sea. The buildings are constructed 5-10 km away from the beach; local kids spend all their time in the sea, they even say that they grow up in water. There’s a vocational school that prepares service personnel.

In the summer, the town is filled with tourists who likes to spend their vacations under the southern Sun. Kobuleti is a well-developed center of Kobuleti district with many hotels, entertaining centers, and parks. Tourist will be pleased with a wide variety of leisure; they can spend their time on the beach, sunbathing, and swimming, or can visit historical monuments. Fortified town Petra is one of the sightseeing places in Kobuleti. Its ruins remind of former beauty of the fortress.

15-minute walk away from the beach takes tourists to unique Ispani peat bogs. They might seem as ordinary bogs, but they are the only peatlands covered in prehistoric sphagnum. Presence of sphagnum proves that the territory is ecologically clean. Another interesting tourist destination is sanctuary Mtirala. The name of the sanctuary translates as “crying”. It’s one of the most humid areas in Europe; the weather there rainy all year around. Kobuleti is a perfect place for family vacation trips and anyone who wants to recharge and soak up under the Sun. 

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