Khorog, Tajikistan

You probably know what Pamir is, but do you know the only city in Pamir? It’s called Khorog and this is where Pamir Highway starts.

The exact date of foundation of the city is unknown, so this town can’t boast of rich history. The area was under the rule of Bukhara Khanate in 19th century; in 1896, the Russian Empire involved this region into “The Great Time” by taking it over. The town was strategically important because it borders on Afghanistan.  Modern Khorog is the center of Gorno-Badakshan; the city is the starting point for all touristic routes in Pamir. It’s a very beautiful, green city with giant poplars, unique traditional Pamirian houses, and typical Soviet style buildings. There’re two tendencies in architectural style of the town; the center of the town consists of building of Soviet era, very typical to all countries of Soviet Union. However, along the river and on hills there’re many unique and colorful Tajik houses with big terraces.  You’ll be pleased by this interesting mixture of different eras.

Fame of Khorog as a touristic town is just starting to grow and develop. Many international organizations work here and invest in Khorog. Before this adorable town becomes a crowded place, don’t miss a chance to enjoy it at its best! In the eastern part of the town there’s famous Pamirian Botanical Garden. It’s the second garden with the highest elevation above the sea after the one in Nepal. It’s situated 2320 meters above the sea level! The garden possesses unique flora that was brought from different part of the planet.  Another interesting sightseeing is place is archaeological complex Kofir-Kala. It’s located 30 km away from Khorog on a cliff. The complex consists of a citadel and ruins of 2 temples. It was a pagan temple and the cultural center. 

Khorog and its citizens will welcome you with open arms. Don’t miss on this off the beaten road destination! 

Tours, where you will visit Khorog, Tajikistan: