Khevsureti, Georgia

Far away, in gorges of Caucaus mountains, there’s one of the most beautiful and pristine regions of Georgia – Khevsureti; it’s located in eastern part of the country. It lies on northern and southern slopes of the Great Caucaus Mountains, because of such interesting geographical location, the region is divided into inner part – Pirikita Khevsureti and outer part – Piraketa Khevsureti. The name of the area derives from a Georgian word “khevi” – ravine or gorge, because there’re a lot of mountains and gorges.

Khevsureti region is one of a few regions that managed to preserve Georgian cukture, language, and religion in their original state. The Khevsurs were known for being exceptional soldiers who survived reign of the Persians, the Mongols, the Romans, and the Russian Empire. Khevsur people were known for loyalty to Georgian kings and traditions. Unfortunately, today, the land of the brave Khevsurs is one of the least populated lands in the country. Soviet Union forcibly resettled locals in valleys. There’re only a couple of hundreds families left, other highlanders relocated to villages in steppes of Georgia.

Little population is one of the reasons to pristine look of nature of the region. Because of the weather Khevsur people were trapped by snow half of the year, their villages differ from other ancient villages in Georgia greatly. Khevsur villages look like one big fortress, where towers were connected by secret tunnels, every family had own tower.

Today these villages-fortresses are unique examples of Georgian architecture. The most famous medieval town-fortress in the area is Shatili. Tourists can freely walk around the fortress, no ticket for entrance is needed. Another sightseeing place is abandoned Mutso village. It’s full of legends and medieval towers. Khevsureti region is an ideal place for trekking with breathtaking views. 

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