Khazarasp Settlement

Khazarasp - one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, located in Khorezm oasis on the southern border of Uzbekistan.

The early period of city history is represented by local cultural layers of ceramic materials, that belong to the first millennium BC, and the remains of walls and towers. Walls have many loopholes and are decorated with rectangular pilasters. Exterior walls and corners of the fortress are reinforced by quadrangular towers and pilasters.

Persian geographer of the tenth century al-Istahri describing Khorezm irrigation systems, mentions the large Khazarasp channel through which sailed big ships, as well as the city Khazarasp, located on a plain near Amudarya.

According to al-Maqdisi Khazarasp was a great commercial city and had a lot of markets for three hundred years before Mongol invasion. In the XVIII - XIX centuries Khazarasp was the second important city in the Khanate, after the capital city of Khiva, where lived one of the heirs of Khiva Khan. At the beginning of the XIX century Khazarasp was divided into the following districts: Kipchak-Kungrad, Ak-Saray, Khan Calas, May-Jeng and others.


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