The Kel Tor Gorge actually neighbors the Kegety Gorge 90 kilometers outside of Bishkek. It contains fir and spruce forests, wild herbs (sage, thyme, etc.), honeysuckle, rosehip, barberries, and rowan berries.

Kel Tor Gorge

The most popular feature in the gorge is Lake Kel Tor, which translated means The Dead Lake, displaying brilliant turquoise waters. Lake Kel Tor is located at an elevation of 2,725 meters and from it you can see both the Kel Ter and Anastasya Glaciers. 

Kel Tor Gorge’s picturesque beauty provides an excellent destination for hikers as well as bird watchers.  Kel Tor is home to a wide variety of bird species including falcons, gyrfalcons, and golden eagles.   

Tours, where you will visit Kel Tor Gorge: