The Kegety Gorge extends itself along the Kyrgyz Ala Too Mountain Range for a total of 30 kilometers. Located 75 kilometers outside of Bishkek, this gorge is considered one of Kyrgyzstan’s silk road most beautiful and is popular with horseback riders.

Kegety Gorge

Kegety Gorge is home to numerous streams, alpine meadows, and spruce forests.  One stream in particular crescendos into a beautiful waterfall that is one of the most visited features within Kegety Gorge.  The falls are 20 meters high and are located just 100 meters from the main road in the gorge.  

Plant life within the gorge is abundant as well.  Medicinal herbs as well as a variety of berries such as stone bramble, strawberries, and blackberries grow wild along the mountainsides, dotting the scenery with color.

Tours, where you will visit Kegety Gorge:
1 day

Off-road Day Trip from Bishkek

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