Karshi - a city in Uzbekistan, the administrative center of Kashkadarya region.

Population - 254.6 thousand residents.

Karshi is located on the western edge of Pamir-Alai mountain system in Karshi oasis on Kashkadarya river, at the foot of Kunguetau hill, in the eastern part of Karshi steppe. The town is situated 400 km south-west of Tashkent. In 1926 Karshi received the status of the city and until 1937 was called Bekbudi. In modern Uzbekistan it is believed that the age of the city is 2700 years old. The population is 254.6 thousand residents. The climate here is dry, rainfall is 200-400 mm per year. An irrigation canal from Amudarya was built in the early 1970s. 10 km east of Karshi the air base Karshi-Khanabad is located.

In the town area ​​natural gas is produced (deposits Shurtan and Mubarek), cotton and grain are cultivated.

Places of interest in Karshi: ancient settlement Yerkurgan, Mosques Kok Gumbez (the end of the XVI century), Bekmir (XVI), Kilichboy, Hodge Eid, Magzon and Charmgar (XIX-XX), madrasah buildings of XIX century.


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