The Karavshin Gorge, otherwise known as The Asian Patagonia, resides within the Turkestan Range of Kyrgyzstan silk road. The gorge earns its nickname from the strong winds, rushing streams, and vast meadows within its boundaries that imitate the terrain of the South American steppe.

Karavshin Gorge

The Karavshin Gorge is gaining popularity with active travelers and extreme sports lovers, especially hikers and climbers, due to its exquisite, unexplored terrain.  Mountains in the gorge are made of limestone, sandstone, and granite.  Competitions for rock climbers and mountaineers are often held in this gorge.  Karavshin Gorge can be reached on foot or via helicopter.

Famous peaks in Karavshin Gorge include Pyramidalniy Peak (5,509 m), Asan Peak (4,230 m), and Usen Peak (4,378 m).

Tours, where you will visit Karavshin Gorge: