Karatal Japyryk National Reserve resides to the south of Lake Song Kul and contains both the Kara Tal and Japyryk Rivers in its 14,000 hectare territory. The reserve is split into 2 different sections, each with different goals. The first section aims at preserving the area’s fir forests and alpine meadows.

Karatal Japyryk National Reserve

The second’s goal is the protection of the mountain goose that nests around Lake Song Kul.

Bird watchers are guaranteed to find this national reserve fascinating.  Lake Song Kul is the largest freshwater alpine lake in Kyrgyzstan silk road and acts as a kind of party zone for migratory birds from all over the region including Altay, Siberia, and Kazakhstan. 

Another plus to this area is the ability to observe true Kyrgyz nomadic life. Lake Song Kul is a popular area for nomads to herd their livestock in the summer months.  Expect to see herds of horses, yaks, and sheep by the hundreds.  

Tours, where you will visit Karatal Japyryk National Reserve: