Kara Shoro National Park covers about 8,500 hectares and is located on the south-western slopes of the Fergana Mountains. This national park stands apart from others in that it’s known for its mineral springs which are famous throughout both Asia and Europe for their healing properties.

Kara Shoro National Park

Kara Shoro National Park is also known for its many kymyz resorts.  Kymyz is fermented mare’s milk that is drunk by people all throughout Kyrgyzstan in order to clean out the body.  Kymyz resorts are where people go on strict kymyz diets for a more concentrated version of this health treatment.

Otherwise, people visit the Kara Shoro National Park to enjoy exploring its fir and juniper forests as well as its many walnut and fruit trees.  The park also contains vast pastureland and is an excellent destination for horseback riding.

Wildlife in the park includes several endangered animals: the Turkestan Lynx, Golden Eagle, and Bearded Vulture.

Tours, where you will visit Kara Shoro National Park: