Kanka - are the remnants of the largest and most ancient city of Tashkent oasis that existed in IV century BC - XII century. It was the first capital of Chacha, which ruins are located 70 km south-west of Tashkent, on the left bank of the old riverbed Akhangaran.

The town is identified by researchers with Antioch Zayaksart (ancient sources), Yueni, Shi Chzheshi (Chinese sources), and Chach, Harashket (medieval sources).

Kanka consists of a square citadel of 40 m high with an area of ​​about 1 hectare and three Shahristani, that appeared sequentially with the development of the urban area in the south.

The total area of the complex is ​​150 hectares. From three sides (except for the north), the city is surrounded by suburbs - Rabad area of ​​60 hectares.

On the citadel is open architectural complex of Karakhanid rulers (X-XII century).

The citadel was originally built as a castle with 4 towers.


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