Kakheti, Georgia

What is the other famous Georgian drink alongside with “Borjomi” mineral water? It’s wine, of course! The first academy of winemaking was founded in Georgia; it is no wonder today Georgia is known for its wine. If you want to see how the best Georgian wine is made and taste it, you should go to Kakheti Region.

Kakheti is a region of winemaking and monasteries in the East of Georgia. It’s a region of beautiful lakes, waterfalls, ancient wineries, and cave monasteries. The name of the region translates as “the land of the Khaks”. It used to be an independent kingdom, but today it’s a region of Georgia with the capital Telavi. Kakheti region is a perfect destination with its favorable climate, plenty of historical monuments, charming towns, and famous Kakhetian wineries.

The climate of the region is very pleasant any time of the year; in the summer the temperature is +30 degrees Celsius, in the autumn and it’s from + 25 to+ 15, in the winter it ranges from 0 to +8 degrees. You can easily rech any part of the region any time of the year, except Tushetia in the winter. The best seasons for travelling around Kakheti region are spring and autumn. Many tourists go there in the autumn, because of Rtveli – holiday of harvest of grapes.

Kakhetian wine is the most famous among all Georgian wines. Winemaking is a distinctive feature of the culture of this region, locals even have specific ancient “khakhetian” technology of winemaking. Wine is made in special pitchers “kvevri”. Kakhetian winemaking art is on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Kakheti region is full of amazing sightseeing places: Telavi is the heart of Kakheti and its administrative center; David Gareja is a unique complex of monasteries that is famous all around the world; Bodbe is one of the most significant religious relics in the country; the Academy of Ikalo was a scholar center of Georgia. All these destinations can be a part of an exciting trip around Kakheti region. 

Tours, where you will visit Kakheti, Georgia: