Jermuk, Armenia

Jermuk is a large resort town in southern part of Armenia. The name of this resort town is translated as “hot spring”; there’re 40 mineral spring in the surroundings of the town. Famous mineral springs hasn’t lost its popularity ever since their first mention in 1st century BC. Characteristics of the healing water are very similar to properties of famous water from Karlovy-Vary, Czech Republic. Mountainous landscapes with meadows, lakes, waterfalls, and fresh air make Jermuk look like the Alps. 

Favorable climate of the area makes resting there comfortable all year around. In the winter, the resort town turns into a popular skiing resort with one of the most difficult ski trails in the country.  The ones who are not fond of winter sports come here to enjoy scenery and peace of the town. In Soviet times Jermuk was considered a luxurious resort destination for representatives of the intelligentsia. After the collapse of USSR, the resort town lost its popularity for a while. Recently, Jermuk has gained its fame back by developing tourist infrastructure. Many tourists leave the resort with gallons of healing water. Apart from precious water, travelers can by wine, hand-made, jewelry, spices, and ceramics. 

In the number of interesting options for leisure in Jermuk there’s a visit to an art-gallery with works of Armenian artists; Saint Gayane Church, despite being built in 2005, managed to become one of more popular places in the town. There’s,also, 10th-century Armenian monastery Gndevank that is surrounded by fortress walls of great condition. On the territory of the monastery travelers can explore an ancient graveyard with khachkars and remnants of an older church. One of the largest and the most beautiful waterfalls in the is located not far from Jermuk, in Arpi Gorge. The gorge is included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Tours, where you will visit Jermuk, Armenia: