The ancient complex of Ichan-Kala - almost untouched by time medieval town inside Khiva, that was fully included in UNESCO World Heritage List. During your visit to Ichan-Kala, you can see how looked almost all medieval oriental cities. The complex Ichan-Kala consists of more than 400 residential buildings in traditional style and about 60 architectural monuments. In 1969 the town Ichan-Kala was awarded the title of historical and architectural reserve.

Ichan Kala is a densely built up ancient town, which was historically repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt again. The Ichan-Kala construction was started in 1598. This ancient town is enclosed by a massive wall, the height of which varies from 8 to 10 meters, width - about 5 to 6 meters. The wall has a length of 2250 m. along its outer perimeter, and is built of bricks. Throughout the wall, exactly every 30 meters there are defensive towers and the wall itself ends with notched railings and small holes in them for combat. The entire town was enclosed by a moat. Entrance to the city was carried out through four gates, which were reinforced by combat towers, and over the gates there were viewing galleries.


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