Historical center of Shakhrisabz

From the beginning of XV century up to the present days in Shahrisabz are well preserved the ruins of legendary palace Ak-Saray ("White Palace" - the former residence of Timur), Mosque Kok Gumbaz, complex of mausoleums Gumbazi-Seyidan, tombs of Timurids. A period of XVI-XVII centuries is presented by Chorsu trade dome. Moreover, the construction of some buildings was started by Timur and completed by his grandson Ulugbek.

There is no doubt that the special historical value of Shakhrisabz makes the fact that it is a birthplace of Timur, his native village Hodja Ilgar. The presence here of palace Ak-Saray, dynastic tombs Dorussiadat and other important buildings can be explained by this very reason.

Ak-Saray Palace had been built in the late XIV century for 20 years. The finished palace just shook his contemporaries with its beauty and grandeur. It was a complex of residential and public buildings, grouped around several courtyards. The facades of buildings were richly decorated with colored tiles, interiors by gold and azure, the yards were paved with white slabs. Until nowadays only picturesque ruins of that great palace have survived.


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