Historical center of Kokand

The main tourist attractions here are related to the flourishing of Kokand Khanate and are located within the city center. When you visit Kokand it is definitely worth seeing the beautiful palace of Khudoyar Khan with harem and the surrounding park Mukumi as well as a complex of Khan's burial Dakhma-and-Shohon, Modari Khan mausoleum and complex of mosque and madrassas Narbutabey just east of the Khan's palace. Old Town is also located just east of the center, on the left bank of river Kokand-sai near the bazaar and Hamza street. In the depths of the old quarters can be found Juma mosque, the mosques of Zimbardor and Khodjibek and madrassas Sahib Milan Hazrat. New town with Russian Tsar time buildings is located on the right bank of river in the area of Istiklol, Istanbul and Imam Ismail Bukhari streets. The other interesting sites you can see here are governor's mansion, Post Office building and the Russian-Asian Bank. It will take you one day for sufficiently careful and detailed examination of all tourist major attractions of Kokand.


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