Hissar mountains

Last spur of Alai mountain system - Hissar mountains, lies in Uzbekistan with its southwestern tip. The ridge forms numerous spurs, which give it the character of a powerful, highly branched system. Hissar and its foothills are a watershed of basins of Zarafshan, Kashkadarya, right tributary of Amudarya rivers. Hissar Range is the highest among the mountains of Uzbekistan with the highest peak of the country called Uzbekistan (4688 m), located in upper reaches of Tupalangdarya river. This mountain range adjoins a series of ridges extending parallel to the west and south-west and separated by longitudinal valleys. There are glaciers Severtsov and Batyrbai on the border of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Hissar ridge includes the following mountains Hazrat Sultan (4000 m), Yakkabag (3700), Guzar, Baisun, Kugitangtau, Surkhantau, Babatag and others. This mountain range occupies a significant part of Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya regions.


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