Hazrat Hyzr Mosque

Samarkand is the place where real events interknit with legends, myths, and where historical personalities gain some mystical traits. One of examples is Hazrat Hyzr Mosque. Its name and legends are connected with one of the major Islamic figures. Hazrat Hyzr Mosque is one of the most ancient Muslim sacred buildings in Samarkand.

The mosque was built in 1823 in the southern part of Afrasaib. The very first mosque in Samarkand was built in 11th century; in 13th century it was destroyed by Genghis-khan’s army. On its foundation Hazrat Hyzr Mosque was created. It used to be connected to Kusam ibn Abbas with a lane, buildings created one complex. Hazrat Hyzr Mosque has an architectural style typical for 18th century. The mosque locates on natural high ground with steps leading to it. H

azrat Hyzr consists of avian or awning, khanaka, and guldasta. Aivan is generously decorated with ornaments, hanaka facses the direction of Mecca and has 2 cells on both sides, guldasta is located on the eastern part of the building. It was named after one of Muslim saints, patron of travelers; his name translates as “green light” or “life-giving”. According to legends, Allah created Hazrat Hyzr’s spirit 300 years before creation of the Earth. When he gave Hazrat Hyzr a physical body, Allah also gave him eternal life and made him a master of water.

In Greek mythology, Hazrat Hyzr equals to Neptun. It’s said that Hazrat Hyzr give happiness and long life to anyone who he meets. He was also Moses’ spiritual mentor; he defended him against thieves, fire, eased his sufferings, and taught him acceptance and compassion.

The great poet Jalal ad-Din Rumi wrote: "When will choose his master, observe obedience - follow him, like Moses, who led the Khizr." His name can be found in legends about Alexander the Great. The legend says that when Alexander the Great found out about remoted spring that will make him immortal, he sent his loyal warrior to get some water. This warrior’s name was Hyzr. He got unbelievably lucky, because the spring was opened for him. Hyzr got some water for his ruler and drank some too. However, Alexander the Great didn’t get a chance to drink miraculous water, because the vessel broke on the way back. 

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