Gumbazi Seyidan

This mausoleum was built over the graves of Seyids (descendants of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson - Hussein). The presence of the mausoleum explains the local name for the complex "Gumbazi Seyidan" – Dome of Seyids. A little later, the great astronomer Ulugbek began construction of tomb near the southern wall of Shamseddin Kulal mausoleum. The tomb was constructed for the descendants of Ulugbek and all other Timurid relatives. The architecture of the building, like most buildings of Ulugbek, was complemented by typical for that period (XV century) decoration. Patterns of blue colors decorated the facade of the building. Mosaic, lined neatly on the walls of the memorial complex, contains images of ethnic stories of Central Asia.

Most of the entire complex is preserved to our days. Carefully restored and reconstructed, it is of great interest as a historical and architectural monument of Timurids epoch in XIV - XV centuries. The front door of mausoleum is preserved in all its splendor, where special attention is given to the art thread that was made about 600 years ago.


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