The village of Gulcha is located in the province of Osh in a valley where 3 rivers converge to form the Kurshab River and is home to about 20,000 people. It is a stop along the Pamir Highway, the world’s second highest international highway, that links Osh to cities in Tajikistan.


In Gulcha travelers will find a museum dedicated to Kurmanjan Datka, a famous woman and Kyrgyz leader that stood up against Russian expansion in southern Kyrgyzstan over a century ago.  She was awarded the title “datka,” meaning general, twice and is considered a national hero.  She is featured on the 50 som note and just recently (2014), the Kyrgyz film industry produced a movie about her appropriately titled Kurmanjan Datka.

Gulcha is located south of Osh.  Travelers can reach the village via the Chyrchyk  Pass (2,402 m).

Tours, where you will visit Gulcha: