Gonur-Tepe, Turkmenistan

In 1974 group of archaeologists found Gonur-Tepe lost in the middle of the Karakum Desert. It was a truly remarkable discovery; fantastic city, unknown kingdom, treasury of unique culture! Archaeological excavations have been there since its discovery more than 30 years ago; archaeologists keep finding out more and more valuable information. It’s the largest settlement of the Bronze Age in Central Asia and one of the most ancient civilizations in the world; it can be compared to Mesopotamia, India, China, and Egypt. 

Archaeologist found out that Gonur-Tepe was established in 3rd -2nd centuries BC and existed for 800 years.  The city was the capital of Margush. The capital was very large; only its central part occupied area of 25 hectares. Prosperous city was destroyed by the Arabs. Archaeologists that found the city presume that roots of Zoroastrianism come from Gonur-Tepe, as evidence, temples Fire temple, Water temple were found. Citizens made scarifications, worshipped fire and water. All archaeological findings revealed how developed culture of Margush was. Among discoveries there were palaces, necropolis, temples, and pools 100 meters long. High quality products made out of ceramics, clay, ivory, and metals showed outstanding abilities of local craftsmen. Hundreds of found burials revealed luxurious jewelry and the most ancient mosaics in the world. The city had developed religious and political doctrines. Gonur-Tepe was surrounded by 200 little settlements and fields for agriculture, while the capital was inhabited by ruling family.  The ruler lived in the center of the city in a palace that was protected by fortress walls, towers, and temples. 

Gonur-Tepe is an archaeological park that will expose you to one of the greatest civilizations in history. Despite its remoted location, you won’t be disappointed by magnificence of the ancient city. 

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