Garm-Chashma, Tajikistan

Would you rather choose picturesque landscapes, wonders of architecture, and interesting sightseeing places or cure the illness you’ve been suffering from for quite a while? You won’t have to give up on anything if you come to Garm-Chashma! Mineral hot springs Garm-Chashma are located near Khorog, on the western slope of the Shahdarya River. The translation of the name is very straightforward; it translates as “hot spring”. These springs have been famous for many centuries. When the best tabibs (healers) were helpless, people would heal with the help of water from the springs. The place turned into pilgrimage destination very quickly. For many centuries people believed that the water that flows out of the rocks one the slope of Shakhdara Range is sacred. Even research that explained healing properties of the mineral hot springs didn’t take away holy reputation of the mineral hot springs. In 1957, resort of the same name was built near the springs. Later the resort became the most famous one in Pamir. 

Let’s not forget about picturesque mountainous landscapes these springs are located in. Garm-Chasma is located at an elevation of 227 meters, surrounded by grandiose mountain ranges of Pamir.  The springs are shaped like natural pools filled with turquoise water. They were forms by white stalactites of various forms. It seems like you’re diving into a glacial lake. The mineral water that have been raising from depths for centuries brings salt, limestone, and other impurities that formed a hill. This milk colored hill is covered in whimsical pictures. Garm-Chashma is exceptionally beautiful at dusk combined with surrounding landscape. The surroundings are full of wild roses, buckthorn, currant, and barberry that, combined with blue skies, create unforgettable impression. If you’re lucky enough to not have to worry about your health, visit these mineral hot springs for the nature! 

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