Gabala, Azerbaijan

The most ancient city of Azerbaijan is 2000 years old. Gabala city was the capital of Caucasian Albania for 600 years. The city is known not only for rich historical background, but, also, for picturesque surroundings, chestnut, and hazelnut forests that are more than 100 years old. Locals call Gabala “Switzerland in Azerbaijan”. 

Ancient capital of Caucasian Albania was one of the major trade cities of the Great Silk Road with developed crafts from its foundation up until 18th century. Gabala was taken over by the Georgians, the Mongols, and the Persians but managed to preserve its cultural identity and monuments of its past. After becoming a part of the Russian Empire it was added to Nukha uyezd. Until 1970-s the population of the city was so small that it was considered a village; before 1991 Gabala was named as Kutkashen. Modern Gabala has all it takes to fulfill anything your heart desires. Mountainous fresh air, beautiful rivers, waterfalls, and lakes bewitch travelers. Modern city is very well maintained, many Spviet buildings were demolished to give the city a more modern look. 

Gabala city has unlimited options for eco-tourism and trekking. In the summer, tourists climb and hike; n the winter, the surroundings of the city are full of those who are keen on winter sports. One of the most adventurous routes to the top of Mount Bazarduzu is located in mountains near Gabala city. Unique touristic route “Alexandre Dumas in Caucasus” lies on the territory of Gabala Rayon. The route follows the journey of famous French writer in 1858. 

Apart from alpinism and eco-tourism Gabala city and its surroundings have other unique monuments like Udin Temple. The Udins are a special ethnic group of 10,000 people that managed to preserve its cultural heritage till these days.  There’s a beautiful waterfall “Seven Beauties” that’s located near Vandam village. It has 7 cascades and creates unforgettable impression. 

Tours, where you will visit Gabala, Azerbaijan: