Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan; its largest and the most beautiful city in the country. Dushanbe city is cultural, political, and economic center of Tajikistan. The capital is located in southern part of the country, in the center of flourishing Gissar Valley. Covered in greenery, this prosperous city occupies area of 124,6 km. Abruptly continental climate is softened by two rivers that cross the city: Varzob and Kafirnigan. 

The history of the city starts from kishlak name Dushanbe that was founded in 17th century. Small settlement appeared at the intersection of trade roads. The name of the city is translated as “Monday”, because the settlement was known for holding bazaars on Mondays.

Before revolution of 1917 Dushanbe was considered a village of 500 houses.Everything changed in 1920, when ruler of Bukhara settled in Dushanbe and established his residency there. The Red Army followed emir and the city started developing rapidly. In 1922, the city was proclaimed the center of Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic; in 1929, Dushanbe city became the capital of Tajik SSR. 

Modern Dushanbe city is full of parks with wide streets, squares, beautiful fountains, and alleys. There’s Sadriddin Aini Square that has statues of all characters from his books. The largest square is Dousti Square; the House Tajikistan Government is located there. Firdausi Republican Library is a very interesting building in terms of architectural style; it’s built in traditional Tajik style. The library has more than 2 million books including ancient oriental works and manuscripts. Other buildings worthy of attention are Opera and Ballet Theatre, Museum of Ethnography. You can admire wide collection of plants from all over the world in the Botanical Garden of Tajikistan Academy of Sciences. The surroundings of Dushanbe city are just as picturesque as the city itself with fortresses, waterfalls, lakes, and ancient settlements. 

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