Dilijan, Armenia

What if a resort-town will be combined with fascinating scenery, a national park, and some of the most popular sightseeing places in the country? This amazing mix will result in Little Switzerland of Armenia or Dilijan. One of the most important resorts in the country is remoted little town in the Tavush Province. The legend says that the settlement was named after a shepherd whose name was Dili. He fell in love with his master’s daughter, but, unfortunately, the master didn’t approve their relationships. Moreover, the shepherd was killed by the master’s order. Dili’s mother spent countless days searching for her son; she would wander around and scream: “Dili jan!”. “Jan” is a word that’s used to express tenderness and love to a person. People got so used to the woman wandering around and calling her lost child that named the settlement Dilijan. 

Today Dilijan city is one of the most rapidly developing urban settlements in Armenia. Growth and popularity of the destination is caused by availability of picturesque landscapes, favorable climate, historical monuments, mineral springs, and medieval monasteries, all in one place! Dilijan city is surrounded by Dilijan National Park. Rare species of coniferous trees fill the air with healing essential oils. Mineral springs near Dilijan city are analogous to the ones in Borjomi. Dilijan city has a restored historical district “Old Dilijan” that’s full of old houses with distinct attics and wooden balconies with carvings. 

Other major sightseeing destinations are Haghartsin gorge, lake Parz, Goshavank Monastery, and Haghartsin Monastery. Goshavank Monastery is a medieval monastery complex located 20 km away from Dilijan; it was one of the largest cultural, educational, and religious centers of Armenia. Dilijan won’t disappoint any traveler with plenty of leisure; travelers can go trekking, visit a museum, admire beauty of medieval monasteries, or take a stroll down Old Dilijan. 

Tours, where you will visit Dilijan, Armenia: