Dashoguz, Turkmenistan

Dashoguz is the capital of Dashoguz Province located in northeastern part of the country, 546 km away from Ashgabat. One of the largest cities in Turkmenistan occupies shores of Shavat channel. Dashoguz was established in 1681 as caravanserai that grew into a settlement and a fortress. There’re two versions of origins of the name; the first version is that Dashoguz is translated as “stone pool”, given that the city was built around a caravanserai and a fortress with a large stone well. More recent version is that the name is translated as “outer oguz” – separation of Turkmenian tribes according to their territories of living. Modern Dashoguz is a typical Turkmenian city; it’s developed and modern, with many industrial enterprises and recently built buildings. The oldest airport in the country and the newest and the most comfortable railway station are located in Dashoguz! If enjoying comfort of the best railways station in the country of taking a stroll down a typical Central Asian city isn’t for you, there’s a real place of interest 100 km away from the city.

Kunya-Urgench is a major historical-cultural reserve in Turkmenistan that occupies area of 640 hectares. Kunya-Urgench was the capital of one of the most powerful empires in Central Asia – Khwarezm. Ancient capital located on the Great Silk Road – the largest medieval trade web. Location greatly helped with development of the city; it was the second most important city after Bukhara and a very famous trade center. It was known as “Capital of 1000 wise men”, because hundreds of scientists and poets gathered; one of the scientists was Avicenna – the most significant physician and astronomer of the Islamic Golden Age. The last inhabitants left the capital in 1700s, Kunya-Urgench has remained untouched since then. Luckily, many monuments from different eras were preserved there in good condition. 

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