Dam Khan Bandi

Khan Bandi Dam - the oldest extant dam in Uzbekistan. It is situated near Band village in Farish district of Jizzakh region. According to the scientists’ researches there are no written evidences of the dam construction time, some of assumed dates are X or XVI centuries. The dam is under state protection as a monument of republican category since 1973. The length of dam on top is more than 50 m, at the bottom - 24 m, the height is 15 m. The dam is built of hewn granite slabs with a special water-resistant solution. This is, without doubt, indicates that hydraulic engineers of Maverannahr were able to take into account the law of fluids pressure, called Pascal's law and formulated only in the XVII century.

For the floodgates on the dam western side 9 conical shape holes are arranged at different heights. The base of the dam is 4 times thicker than its upper part. The thickness of the bottom is 8 meters, on top it is 2 m. The dam used to form a water reservoir with a length of 1.5 km and width of 52 m at the dam and 200 meters at the beginning of the gorge. Currently, an artificial reservoir bowl does not work - up to the top it is filled with clay sediments, becoming perfectly flat edge of a cliff.


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