The Chunkurchak Gorge lies 45 kilometers from Bishkek and is one of Kyrgyzstan’s silk road smallest gorges, though not lacking in beauty. Within the gorge is a biosphere reserve dedicated to the preservation of the Royal Tulip, a rare flower on the verge of extinction that can grow to a height of up to 17 cm.

Chunkurchak Gorge

Also located within the gorge is Pigeon Falls, a waterfall that cascades down a rocky mountainside for 41 meters. 

Chunkurchak Gorge also contains 100-200 meter rock walls that are popular with rock climbers and mountaineers.  Dry tooling competitions (climbing competitions that employ the use of ice axes and crampons) are popular here. 

This gorge provides passage to two other gorges: Takhr Gorge and Bir Bulak Gorge.  Finding the entrance to Chunkurchak Gorge is tricky however, and often requires the help of a local guide due to its small size and obscure placement.

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