Chorsu bazaar, Uzbekistan

Bazaars in Central Asia are just a dream come true for travelers who want to experience the atmosphere of the past. Bazaars have always been the heart of any city, the place where every events happens. Everyone met at bazaars, usually it meant near big squares, in the center of cities. Bazaars of Uzbekistan are more fascinating than any over, because Uzbekistan was a part of the Great Silk Road. Moreover, many cities in Uzbekistan were important and wealthy trade centers of the Great Silk Road.

Talking about importance of bazaars in Uzbekistan, the most important one was of course Chorsu bazaar. Located in the capital, on the main square, Chorsu bazaar is one of the biggest bazaars in Central Asia. The name if the bazaars means “four course”, which is perfectly fitting, because Chorsu bazaar is located on intersection of four roads. There are many travelers’ notes about Chorsu bazaar, because it was one of the most important places for traders on the Great Silk Road.

According to records, the bazaar consisted of hundreds of stands, lined up in rows, caravanserais, teahouses, and bathhouses. Unfortunately, Chorsu bazaar was destroyed by unfavorable climate. When Soviet architects were designing the new bazaar, they considered all aspect of traditional Central Asian architecture, as well as Uzbek features.

As a result, Chorsu bazaar is a complex of large blue and turquoise domes. The center of Chorsu is the biggest dome, with ornaments patterned on the exterior. These domes carry different types of goods: from dried fruits, to handicrafts, and to imported cars. If you want to truly immerse in atmosphere of Tashkent, Chorsu bazaar is the best way to go.

Tours, where you will visit Chorsu bazaar, Uzbekistan:
5 days
Fixed dates for 2018:
01/04/2019 - 01/08/2019


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