The Chon Kyzyl Suu Gorge extends for 40 kilometers and sits 60 kilometers west of Karakol. Its name means “big red water” because the river running along the bottom of the gorge appears red due to the red clay lining the river bed.

Chon Kyzyl-Suu Gorge

The gorge is filled with fir trees and vast green meadows that are decorated with smatterings of wild berries and mushrooms.  Inside the gorge is Dzhyly Suu, a place that hosts hot springs with a steamy temperature of 43°C.

The heights of the gorge contain numerous mountain passes: Ashu-Tor (3900 m), Zagadka (4400 m), Nadezhda (4450 m), Ulyanovtsev (4490 m), and 50 years of Kyrgyzstan (4600 m). The Chon Kyzyl Suu Gorge also has one of the Terskey Ala Too’s most massive glaciers, Kolpakovsky.

Wildlife in the Chon Kyzyl Suu Gorge includes marmots, chukar, pheasants, deer, and wild boar.  

Tours, where you will visit Chon Kyzyl-Suu Gorge:
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