Chimgan, Uzbekistan

Taking a two-hour drive from Tashkent exposes a traveler to mesmerizing Chimgan Mountains. Chimgan has been a popular destination ever since the Governor-General of Turkestan built its summer residence there. These mountains are a true discovery for those who love active leisure. Due to a huge variety of landscapes, this place is occupied by mountaineers, hikers, and climbers. There is also Chimgan ski resort for skiers and snowboarders.

Rivers in Chimgan are known for having plenty of fish, therefore, fishermen are frequent guests there. For its unique picturesque beauty and health benefits, Chimgan mountains are called “Uzbek Switzerland”. Skiing season lasts from December to March. Favorable climate and a variety of skiing tracks to please anyone made Chimgan one of the most popular skiing resorts in Uzbekistan. However, in spring and summer there are a lot of things to enjoy in Chimgan.

Enchanting meadows are full of herbs and poppy fields. They fill the air with fine and heady scent. There are hidden lakes, noisy rivers, and waterfalls. Chimgan is one of the most popular tourist attraction places in Uzbekistan, infrastructure there is very developed. No tourist should be concerned about lack of variety of paces to stay in or go to before coming here. There are many resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

Tourists can also take a ride on a horse through beautiful valley or try paragliding. It feels like a completely different world with its quietness and fresh air filled with herbal scent. Apart from Chimgan ski resort, there is Charvak reservoir, Gulkamskiye Gorges, and Pulatkhan Plateau.

Uzbekistan is a country people go to for historical monuments, mausoleums, enchanting mosques, and the finest examples of ancient architecture. It is very underestimated in terms of eco-tourism. Chimgan is a perfect escape from hot and dusty Tashkent.

Tours, where you will visit Chimgan, Uzbekistan:
8 days

Chimgan Ring - trekking in Uzbekistan

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