Boysun, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is known for its history full of events. The Great Silk Road went through Uzbekistan, it was invaded by great conquerors, and influenced by many cultures. If a traveler wants to walk a mile in shoes of Alexander the Great, a merchant of the Great Silk Road, or a Neanderthal person he or she will have to take a two-hour drive to the north from Termez to Boysun.

Boysun is one of the most soaked in history and traditions cities in Uzbekistan. The town is located in Surxondaryo Region, in the south of Uzbekistan. This region is full of picturesque and beautiful landscapes. Boysun is one-kind-of place because ancient historical monuments interlace with preserved traditions. People in Boysun highly honor traditions and practice them in everyday life. They sing old songs, they are excellent craftsmen, and create cultural heritage of Uzbekistan.

Boysun people incorporate traditions in their usual lives. Their day-to-day life only is a very interesting topic for any historian. Items like carpets, dishes, clothes, and shoes are all decorated with embroidery. UNESCO has Boysun on its “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” list. There is a unique ritual, song, costumes, and games for every occasion in life: birth of a child, Navruz, wedding, and funerals.

Boyson is the only city in Uzbekistan that managed to preserve traditional lifestyle in its pristine condition. There is even festival held in the spring annually to commemorate Uzbek culture. It is called Boysun Bahori Festival. Usually, people establish a yurt camp somewhere near mountains and the main action is happening there. There are sport competitions like horse games and wrestling, folk music, and workshops.

Boysun is the only place in Uzbekistan that lets any traveler immerse in Uzbek culture in its untouched version.

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